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Hello Friends, I am vishal kumar,a founder of Brainrock Consulting Services , software firm as well as social activist, my motive is to inspire and motivate the people for their career, work and profession. In the processes of motives I have conducted to many workshops and seminars, in different school, colleges and slum areas. After completing my higher education I quit my job as I was not able to follow my passion so, I started my own business so that I can generate jobs opportunities for deserving people. In the mean time also started social group named Youth Innovation with the motive of educating & uplifting needy and helpless children. In this journey of 5 years my Software Firm i.e. Brainrock Consulting Services and my  Social Group i.e. Youth Innovation both have achieved a futile response and I was also able to follow my passion simultaneously.

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JAVA Program
vishal kumar

Java program of display Series 0,7,26…..

Java Program of Class 10th  Q. write a program to display the  series : 0,7,26………….. n import java.io.*; inport java.util.Scanner; class A { public static void main(String args[]) { int

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