Achieving goals in life is a hard task but not impossible

Achieving goals in life is a hard task but not impossible: What is required to achieve your goals? Goals are lovely to dream of. But what does it take to achieve them? There is a starting point where you are at a particular point of time and there is a destination by way of your set goal. What makes the journey to the goal possible? It is of consequence to identify this. You need to make efforts conducive to achieving your goals. The effort has to be matched with the particular goal to be attained.

Let’s discover what it takes to attain our goals.

Goal setting

The first and foremost need is to set your goal. If you are lackadaisical and not serious about what you are doing, you perhaps have not set a goal as yet for yourself. So, do set your goals. Or you may be unclear as yet about what your goal is. You may be going to school each working day. But you need to set for yourself the goal of studying and doing well. After all you take the trouble to go to school, so why not study well and do well? And this is true whether it is academics, sports or other extra-curricular activities. Likewise, if you are a working professional set a goal for yourself. If you wish to reach the summit in any profession or work, make it your goal. And the exercise of setting your goals will make you more serious about achieving them too.

How to set goals and achieve them

Be clear about what your goal is. Is it to reach school? Or is it to reach school on time? It makes all the difference. And the outcome will be based on what you set for yourself as your goal. If you are reprimanded at school for arriving late, it is perhaps because you did not set your goal to reach school on time. So, be clear about your goal. Set meaningful goals.

You need to discover the goals which you consciously and sub-consciously seek to achieve. If you are observant and a little articulate you can spell out your goals. You need to set well-thought-out goals and then go on to achieve them.

There are many goals you could have

At any point in time, you will discover you have many small and big goals to achieve. They could be of the immediate term, short term, medium term, long term and of your life in its totality.

Reaching your office on time today is perhaps your immediate goal.

If you need to finish your assignment on hand and submit it at school or college or at the office to your boss within two days it may be your goal in the short term.

In the medium term you may wish to complete your target for the financial year at the office, or complete your syllabus for the annual examination at school or college.

You may wish in the long term to be successful with your business or complete your studies and become a professional architect or perhaps set up a large charitable hospital for the needy.

And, in general, your goal in life might be to be a good, righteous, happy individual, and do your duties towards your family and society at large.

You value each of your goals. And you wish to achieve each of your goals in their respective time frame. Isn’t it? Following are the ways which help you to set and achieve your goals:

  • Be practical

Be practical about the goals you set. And likewise be practical about the efforts you need to invest to achieve your goals.

If you set a goal that you possibly cannot achieve, of what use is it?

If you set for yourself a goal that requires resources of any sort that you possibly cannot cough up with, there is no point is having such a goal. If you lack physical strength and stamina or have a health deficiency, but wish to become an athlete, you may not be quite successful. Of course, you could make efforts to gain health and strength too. But if it is well nigh impossible, avoid setting it as your goal.

Likewise, if you cannot have access to the required funds for overseas study, is there any use wishing to do your graduate studies, for instance, in a foreign country? There is no point making it tough for your parents to scout for the resources. Or they may just not be able to get you the necessary money. Make the most of what is possible. This is a dictum that will always stand you in good stead.

Put in the effort to achieve goals that can be attained. And you will meet with success. And you can build on a strong foundation.

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