People who love travelling mostly prefer road trips for enjoyment

People who love travelling mostly prefer road trips for enjoyment: India encompasses numerous tourist spots located in different parts throughout the country. So, it doesn’t matter which part of the country one lives in there is always an option of planning a short road trip in India. Most people prefer short road trips of around six-seven hours as they are more comfortable. However, many people even go for longer ones spread across days. They halt at different places during the journey to take rest and explore the place.

I had been on many road trips with my family. My father loves driving and is also fond of travelling. So, we always travel by car. We have planned road trips to several places including Jaipur, Nainital, Haridwar, Rishikesh, Shimla and Vrindavan.

My favourite among these was our trip to Nanital. We went there with our extended family. My uncle, aunt and cousins accompanied us on this trip. My uncle, aunt and parents travelled by one car while I and my cousins travelled by another. We had a lot of fun during this trip. We stopped at two places on our way to have food.

As we drove by, we saw the beautiful mountains and green valleys. The view was absolutely spectacular. We saw various lakes, enjoyed boating and indulged in a lot of shopping on our trip. It was a great experience.

Seeking Permission for Road Trip with Friends

Ever since we entered the sixth standard, we wanted to go for a road trip however our parents always denied permission as they thought we were too young to take good care of ourselves. Seeking permission from them was a big challenge for us. However, we did the best we could to convince them for a trip to Manali as we entered the ninth standard and at last they agreed.

Trip Organised by School 

This was a trip organised by our school. We were lucky that we were being accompanied by our favourite teachers. Sine this was a school trip, we just had to pay the amount and enjoy. Every little detail of the trip was taken care of by the school management. We were all super excited about the journey and made ourselves comfortable as we boarded the bus. I took the window seat and my best friend sat next to me.

On the Way to Manali

Manali is around 12 hours away from our city. So, overnight journey was planned for the trip. We couldn’t stop giggling as we sat in the bus. The atmosphere was all cheerful. We played antakshari, cracked jokes and laughed to make the most of this time together. Soon, we were tired and dosed off to sleep. As I woke up in the morning, I saw the breathtaking view of mountains from the window. We were about to reach our destination. I opened the window to feel the fresh air on my face. It was a great start of the day.

The bus stopped at a road side dhaba where we freshened up and had breakfast. We had piping hot Maggi along with a cup of coffee for breakfast. After having this delicious food we headed further.

Site-Seeing at Manali

After relaxing for a while in the hotel, we got dressed and headed to the Hidimba Temple which is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Manali. The temple was beautiful and serene. After spending some time there we went to the mall road. We spent our evening roaming on the mall road viewing the beauty of the place.

Next day, we went to Rohtang pass which was located at a great height. The place was colder than Manali and we had our jackets on even in the month of June. The cool breeze, fresh air and scenic view of the place were a perfect recipe for rejuvenation.

The next day we shopped at the local market. I bought souvenirs for friends and family. I also brought a shawl for my mother, a watch for my sister and a woollen cap for my father. We had our dinner at a popular restaurant in Manali and then headed back home. We sat with our close pals in the bus and chatted until late at night before we dosed off to sleep.

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