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Road Rage – A Threat to Life, must take care of your life: The stress level of people is on a rise and they look for ways to release the same. They enter into unnecessary arguments, shout loudly and even make use of physical force to release their frustration and anger. This aggression is often seen on the roads. Road rage is said to be an outcome of the rising stress levels and the diminishing sense of self control among people. Often a small argument turns into a physical fight and results in murder.

Road Rage – A Threat to Life

Road rage has taken several lives. Many people have become a victim of road rage over the past few decades. The cases are on a rise and the scene is getting uglier by each passing day. It seems like some people take on the road just to release their stress by getting into a physical or verbal fight with other people. People pick up fights for small reasons and end up shooting the victims before they even realize what is going on.

Strict Laws Must be Enforced

There is a dire need to enforce strict laws against people indulging in road rage. Lack of any strict laws to tackle road rage is one of the main reasons behind the increasing numbers of such cases. Our system takes action only when a serious crime takes place as a result of road rage.

People indulging in arguments or even physical fights on the roads or threatening to kill each other are not taken seriously. Not much action is taken against them. They are just warned and left to head on their way and that is if the police officials reach the spot on time. In most cases, road rage victims are hit and left crying on the road and no one is there to listen to them.

Avoid Being Road Rage Victim

Most people leave their home to reach their destination timely and get back home safely. They are focused on their work and are least interested in pulling a fight on the road. Even as they have no intention of causing harm to anyone many times they end up in unnecessary brawl on the roads and become a victim of road rage. Many people have lost their lives in the event and others have been injured seriously for no fault at all.

People must take a cue from these cases and avoid entering into any kind of argument with anyone on the road. Even if someone acts angrily or accuses you of something you should stay calm and avoid any further discussion over the matter. You never know the intention of the other person. Most people who engage in road rage are frustrated with life in general and do not need a real reason to argue or create havoc. Trying to state your point to such a person is of no use. All he wants is to provoke you and get into a fight to release his stress and frustration.

It is wise to distance yourself from such a person and head to your destination. There is no harm in apologising just to satisfy his ego and get out of the situation even if you are not at fault.

Traffic Police Must Stay Vigilant

In India, we hardly see traffic policemen on the roads. This encourages people to behave the way they want. They feel that they can do anything and get away with it as no one is watching. Deploying traffic police on the roads is one of the best ways to avoid road rage cases. Traffic police officials should stay vigilant at all times and take serious actions against those indulging in such unlawful acts.

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