India has been emerging as a rapidly developing world power

India has been emerging as a rapidly developing world power: This has made it a target for faith-based terrorism particularly related to disputes with Pakistan over the state of Kashmir. The Home Ministry has acknowledged that terrorism is one of the gravest threats faced by the Indian people. Other forms of terrorism are also prevalent in the country including ethno-nationalist, narco and left wing terrorism.

Chronology of Global Terrorist Attacks in India

Long before September 11, 2001 brought the world’s attention to the dangers of terrorism, India had already faced multiple terrorist attacks, the first of which were the bombings at the BSE or the Bombay Stock Exchange. 13 bombs exploded killing 257 people and injuring 1400 others. They also hold the dubious distinction of being the first instance of serial bomb blasts anywhere in the world.

Subsequently, there were many other attacks. A notable one took place on August 25, 2003 when two suitcase bombs went off – one near the Gateway of India and one near Zaveri Bazaar – killing 52 people and injuring over a hundred others.

The most infamous and deadly attack took place on November 26, 2008 and lasted for three whole days. During this time 10 terrorists from the Lashkar-e-Taiba or LeT carried out coordinated attacks that involved bombings as well as shootings. They left 164 people dead and 308 wounded behind them.

India’s Efforts against Global Terrorism

As per Indian intelligence, the terrorists involved in these attacks either had close ties with or were trained by handlers in Pakistan and groups such as Al-Qaeda. These agencies also determined that Pakistan’s ISI has been supporting these groups clandestinely.

Based on this and additional intelligence, India has been trying to have Pakistan classified as a terrorist state. However, these efforts have only had some success. Pakistan enjoys the patronage of China, which itself is a member of the UN Security Council and has a binding veto. In addition, countries like the US and UK have tried to downplay these attacks as results of tensions between India and Pakistan rather than classifying them as the terrorist attacks that they are.


India has been trying to use global outrage to have Pakistan recognized as a terrorist state. In this effort, it hasn’t enjoyed much success. India is trying to drum up moral outrage in the international community but with a patron like China, Pakistan is quite safe for the moment. So far, India’s methods of tackling this menace have been non-violent. However, it may be time for a more militaristic solution to the problem of global terrorism’s attacks on India.

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