Radioactive Pollution or Rise of Radioactive Contamination

Radioactive Pollution or Rise of Radioactive Contamination: It is defined as the presence of radioactive substances in our environment. These substances are nothing, but the pollutants as they cause a serious harm to our environment. All the living specie whether it’s the humans, plants or animals can become prey to this most dangerous form of pollution.

Before we learn about its causes, let’s understand what substances cause radioactive pollution. A substance becomes radioactive when the atoms nuclei begin to disintegrate. When this takes place, the atom becomes unstable and starts releasing radioactive particles.

Radiation are made up of a range of particles, such as alpha particles, gamma particles, beta particles and a type of electron which is called as ‘conversion electrons’. It is not always possible to detect radiation when it touches the skin of a person. But we all know that it is hazardous. When it is alpha radiation, a person or a living being for that matter needs to be within the reach of the radiation source to be affected by it; whereas other forms of radiation can easily cover long distances and cause a damaging effect on people, animals and plants for miles around.

How Radioactive Pollution is Caused?

Now let’s understand how radioactive pollution is caused! It is caused when the radioactive elements are allowed to disintegrate in the environment and it can happen in several ways.

One of the major causes of radioactive pollution is the breaches that occur at the nuclear power plants, which often lead to the release of radioactive matter in our environment. Since nuclear energy becomes a significant substitute of fossil fuels, this risk tends to increase.

Yet another cause is the spillage of chemicals. Because of the improper transport or breakage in the containers, the radioactive chemicals get released into the atmosphere and onto the ground. Yet another important cause of radioactive pollution is the unscrupulous scientific experiments that involve radiation.

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